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• Available in 5, 10, 20, & 30-gallon sizes

• Durable cabinet construction

• Environmentally friendly refrigerant

• Stainless steel cooling reservoir

• Easy-to-operate controls

• Digital temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit

• Integrates with all offset press formats

• Made in USA

Tresu Royse dampening water circulators

Tresu Royse DWC for sale
Royse fountain solution circulator for sale
Tresu Royse Recirculation for sale


Compact dampening water circulators for use with one or multiple units on a small multicolor or duplicator printing


DWC 10

Compact dampening water circulator for  one print unit on either a full-size press or as a central unit for multiple printing units on a small printing press.

DWC 20 & DWC 30

Compact central dampening water circulators for use with multiple printing units on either a half-size or full-size

printing press.

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