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• Available in 5, 10, 20, & 30-gallon sizes

• Durable cabinet construction

• Environmentally friendly refrigerant

• Stainless steel cooling reservoir

• Easy-to-operate controls

• Digital temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit

• Integrates with all offset press formats

 Internal Diagnostic Monitoring System (IDMS)

• Made in USA

Tresu Royse iSeries dampening water circulators

Tresu Royse Recirculation for sale


Compact dampening water circulators for use with one or multiple units on a small multicolor or duplicator printing


DWC 10

Compact dampening water circulator for  one print unit on either a full-size press or as a central unit for multiple printing units on a small printing press.

DWC 20 & DWC 30

Compact central dampening water circulators for use with multiple printing units on either a half-size or full-size

printing press.

Optional add-ons for DWC

• IDMS (Integrated Diagnostic Monitoring System

• ph monitoring

• Conductivity monitoring

• Auto-Mixing of fountain chemistry

- Auto-Mix I for single step fountain concentrates

- Auto-Mix II for two step fountain concentrates

• Alco-Miser for automatic IPA supply (Isopropyl Alcohol)

TRESU's new intelligent iSeries  interfaces directly with the TRESU Internal Diagnostic Monitoring System

(IDMS). IDMS is a state-of-the-art, proactive system that monitors the dampening water circulators and instantly alerts

TRESU Royse' service department whenever a warning or control setting disturbance is indicated. IDMS allows TRESU

Royse to remotely access all iSeries units and determine the nature of the alarm for swift problem resolution.

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