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Fountain Solution Pump Rebuild Kit: BOTTOM

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Rebuild kits are available from exclusively and are NOT associated with or endorsed by Tresu Royse.

Fountain Solution Pump Rebuild Kit: BOTTOM

Pump Body Assembly
Pump Housing - bottom,
PVC Nipple
Impeller, 60 Hz
Motor Shaft Slinger
Motor Shaft Bushing
Motor mount
(8) Nut,hex,8-32, Stainless Steel
(8) Nut, Acorn, 8-32, Stainless Steel
Ball Valve, Plated
Adapter, 1/4 MPT x 1/2 tube,
(8)Thread Forming Screw,. #8 x 3/4 lg, Stainless Steel
Screw, Pan Hd. 10-32 x 3/8 Stainless Steel
Washer, locking, Int. Tooth, Stainless Steel
Screw, Truss head 8/32 x 1/4

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